Welcome on the Tango Whiskey website

Hello dear DX-friend, we wish you welcome on the Tango Whiskey website.

Hereby we will give you some background information about the Tango Whiskey dx group.

“The Toodelee Weeds”  Tango Whiskey dx club is for dx friends around the world!

The founder (President) of the Tango Whiskey group was Sam 2TW001 and his wife 2TW002 Maxine


The group originally started from south bend state in Indiana-USA. In 1980 I talked for the first time with Sam Tango Whiskey 001 and chance qso and qsl and in 1982 we visited Sam and Maxine for the first time and we are good friends for lifetime  and visit the U.S.A for 9 times.


In 1996 Maxine asked us (Tony & Mirian) if we wanted to run the “Toodelee Weeds”Tango Whiskey dx group. And we accepted to run the group.  We now have  about 1000 members over the whole world.


Let me introduce myself, I’m Tony and since 20-09-1996  I am the new President of the Tango Whiskey dx club  (Toodelee Weeds)  that is now being directed from The Netherlands in  Europe by 19TW001, my wife (decased 27 June 1998), she did the secretariat.


Hopefully we will have many new members in the nearby future!


Best 73's from Tony-19TW001 PRESIDENT OF TW











New Tower 19TW001
New Tower 19TW001